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What We Do

Financial Systems & Equipment Inc. is a service-oriented company providing maintenance service, supplies, and equipment to banks nationwide.  We provide both contract-base service and per incident time and materials repairs.  We also have new and refurbished equipment available, as well as supplies to keep your machines going.  Onsite service is available for locations in the Springfield, MO area.

Maintenance Packages

When you cover your equipment with one of our maintenance contracts, you have piece of mind.  For a single yearly fee, we will cover all repairs and maintenance needed to keep your equipment running.  We cover all charges, including parts, labor, and two way shipping via an emailed FedEx shipping label.  Additional shipping options are available.

Time & Materials Repairs

We also work on equipment on a T&M basis.  Just pay for Parts, Labor, Shipping, and small supply charge when your equipment needs repair! 

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