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Triton RL-2000

Triton RL2000

EMV Compliant, SDD Dispenser

Our most flexible ATM to date, Triton’s low-cost RL2000 packs tons of features into a compact walk-up design, making it ideal for both high- and low-traffic locations.

The RL2000 is the ideal choice for everyone from small c-stores and restaurateurs, to major hotel and retail chains. Its innovative configuration – including an embedded PC-based platform, Microsoft® Windows® CE 5.0 operating system with Triton’s X2 technology – makes the RL2000 as reliable as it is convenient. and is modular in design to allow for component upgrades to maintain compliance.

Triton RL-5000

Triton RL5000

EMV Compliant, SDD Dispenser

With a stunning 10.4-inch LCD screen, the RL5000 allows for a remarkable array of colorful, branded content. Logos, photos, and custom graphics of all kinds are quickly and easily integrated, using the simple-to-operate PC-based interface. At the heart of this almost endlessly configurable system is the user-friendly Microsoft® Windows® CE 5.0 operating system, powered by Triton’s X2 technology and a 32-Bit processor.

The machine’s sleek profile helps the RL5000 sit attractively in any location, from C-store to bar to hotel lobby. The incredibly sturdy and durable construction, and a range of high-precision vault and lock options combine to make the RL5000 secure in any setting.

Nautilus Hyosung 5000SE

Nautilus/Hyosung 5000SE

EMV Compliant

Monimax 5000 is designed for both on and off premises environment with small footprint. Monimax 5000 can also work with a sidecar for bill and coin acceptor, barcode reader for mobile/point top-ups, and bill payment.

Sound Mechanism Monimax 5000 is a freestanding ATM with highly efficient architecture built from scratch by Hyosung

Value Proposition Modules inside Monimax 5000 is designed with scalability in mind meaning it can be adjusted and modified based on customers specific needs. With a sidecar, Monimax 5000 can feature other services like bill payment and mobile topups.

Multi-Vendor Solution Monimax 5000 endorses a open architecture platform for compatibility and scalability.

Design Its simple design and small footprint is ideal for both retail and FI market environment.

Triton 9100

Triton 9100

No Longer Available - Service Only

Designed from the ground up to be dollar-for-dollar, the lowest cost ATM in the industry, it features Triton's own TDM-100 dispensing mechanism, incorporating state-of-the-art electronics and a host of features like locking cassette and automatic error recovery designed to maximize uptime.

And even though the 9100 features the lowest cost of ownership in the industry, it still incorporates many of the industry's tightest security features, such as SPED (Secure PIN Entry Device) and Triple DES, the new standard for PIN encryption.

Triton's 9100 is simply the best low cost ATM in the industry, bar none.

Nautilus Hyosung 1800SE

Nautilus/Hyosung 1800SE

No Longer Available - Service Only

The New NH-1800SE the retail setting’s value leader performs better, is more secure and provides the uncompromised quality and reliability you expect from industry leader Nautilus Hyosung.

NH-1800, a product of Nautilus Hyosung’s ATM technology acquired from years of experience in the 
retail industry, is engineered to provide outstanding reliability at an affordable price.
Unit arrangement, voice guidance system, and transaction guidance indicator offers comfortable
accessibility to all customers. Furthermore highly visible topper makes it easy for customers to spot
the ATM.

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