Epson TM-U325

Impact Printing.  Receipt / Validation Options.

The TM-U325 series, a one-station, 9-pin dot matrix printer, features a fast print speed of 3.5 lines per second (lps) for 40 columns of print and 6.4 lps for 16 columns of print. The TM-U325 permits bi-directional printing, prints up to 12 lines of validation and has a flexible paper inch setting allowing the customer to print in user-defined formats. Other features include semi-automatic paper loading, a built in drawer kick that allows two drawers to be driven and an MCBF of 37 million lines. 

Epson TM-U375

Impact Printing.  Receipt / Validation / Slip Options.

The TM-U375 makes the most efficient use of limited space, with a clamshell mechanism that simplifies roll paper replacement, and a moveable platen that facilitates slip insertion.  The TM-U375 prints receipts, slips, journals, and can also perform validation printing. Printing up to 58 lines on slip paper and 16 lines of validation printing, this printer handles the needs of almost any environment.

Epson TM-U675

Impact Printing.  Receipt / Validation / Slip Options.

The TM-U675, the quietest printer in its class, is ideal for both banking and retail environments. The TM-U675 is packed with features and functions needed most to ensure the smooth and fast handling and printing of slips, receipts and validations all in a single compact unit.


Product Features

  • High speed MICR reading and check printing

  • Wider throat for smooth, drop-in validation

  • Quietest printer in its class

  • Highest reliability rating in its class

  • Easy drop-in paper loading and one-touch removal

  • Superior slip handling for ease of use

  • Optimized features for and small footprint

Epson TM-T88

Thermal Printing.  Receipt Only

The TM-T88IV thermal printer is part of Epson’s innovative, industry-leading TM-T88POS printer series. Designed specifically for high-volume retail and hospitality environments, the TM-T88IV delivers more speed and more reliability than ever before. It offers 25% faster printing of text and graphics than the TM-T88III, two-color capability and new ease-of-use features.

Pertech 5351

Inkjet Printing.  Receipt / Validation Options.

Pertech's 5351 Series Printer is the result of years of research and experience building state-of-the-art printers for the banking, retail and POS industries. A 4th generation product ideal for any printing application requiring customer receipts or printing on an inserted form, these printers are a cost effective solution to any banking, bill payment or convenience application need