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Cassida C500

Offsort Packager

The Cassida C500 is a lightweight and portable coin counting bagger and packager.  The C500 is simple to operate, sporting a speed of up to 2,000 coins per minute and easy to adjust denomination setting.

The convenient offsort ability allows counting of one denomination while rejecting all other coin.  Custom batch amounts as low as 20 coins and LED display allow for quick and efficient packaging.


Cassida C850

Offsort Packager

The Cassida C850 is a heavy duty countertop coin counting bagger and packager.  The C850 is can count up to 1,900 coins per minute with its simple denomination setting and two speed, motorized, (up to) 6,500 coin hopper.

The convenient offsort ability allows counting of one denomination while rejecting all other coin to the front facing reject cup.  Custom batch amounts and LED display allow for quick and efficient packaging or bagging.

Procoin 330

Procoin 330

Gravity Rail Sorter

The Gravity Rail style PRC 330 is a high capacity coin sorter with a 3,000 coin hopper.  This counter is capable of sorting 8 different coins simultaneously while rejecting foreign coin and debris with its Coinsure Adaptive® Sensor.

• Simultaneous counting of 8 coin types
• Box or Bag options
• Double Batch Option
• 3,000 coin capacity hopper

Scancoin SC-22

Scancoin SC 22

Gravity Rail Sorter

Short of space, but still need a coin sorter with very high accuracy? This compact and light unit will help you to count, sort, verify, tube and bag coins or tokens.

Not only is it reliable when counting and off-sorting counterfeits, it is easy to operate as well. With a few high quality components the service is minimum – few stops and little down time, which saves you both time and money.

The SC 22 coin sorter is a compact and light performer. It features SCAN COIN’s unique sensor technology and offers outstanding accuracy combined with reliable functions in one, small package.

The SC 22 coin sorter is popular worldwide for its superior technology in combination with its small size and easy operation. The unit features automatic rejection of foreign and damaged coins, as well as programmable batch stops. It sorts up to 8 coins and counts up to 32 coins in three different counting modes.

Scancoin 313

Scancoin SC-303/313

Offsort Packager

With counting speeds up to 2,700 coins/minute, the SC 303 and SC 313 are real time-savers. Reliable partners for banking, retail, amusement and other businesses that need to count, verify or bag coins or tokens. The products are so compact that they will fit in wherever you need to use them.

The difference between SC 303 and SC 313
Even though the two products are very similar in looks and functions,there are some differences. SC 303 comes with a carrying handle for easy portability. On SC 313 the tilting coin tray has been replaced with an automatic coin hopper. The remarkably higher hopper capacity makes SC 313 the ideal choice for larger volumes.

Universal counting, verifying or bagging
Two separate adjustments for coin diameter and coin thickness make the SC 303 and SC 313 a universal choice. A side bag attachment for rejected coins is standard for both products. The SCAN COIN electronic sensing technology assures high accuracy in identifying foreign, damaged or counterfeit coins. Other benefits for the user are pre-selectable bag stops, memory, automatic reverse function removing jammed coins and automatic stop and offsort function for smaller coins. Accessories include e.g. tubing attachment and bag holder for rejected coins.

Scancoin SC-350

Scancoin SC-350/360

Offsort Packager

The latest coin counters from SCAN COIN, SC 350 / 360, fill an important gap between heavy-duty counters and small backoffice machines. These high-speed coin counters combine superior versatility with many advanced features, which are fitted as standard. The difference between the two is that SC-350 includes a manual hopper, while SC-360 has a larger, automatic hopper with filling.

A universal partner
Whether you want to count, verify or bag volumes of coins or tokens, you have a reliable and flexible partner in SC350 & SC360. Separate adjustments for coin or token diameter and thickness make the SC 350 / 360 completely universal. Despite their relatively compact size, these are both high-performance units positioned to meet handling needs between heavy-duty counters and small back-office machines.

Versatility at its best
Due to their range of flexible functions, SC 350 / 360 are truly versatile coin counters. The serial interface makes it possible to monitor and control the SC 350 / 360 from a PC. This offers many convenient possibilities, e.g. a controlled cash-out unit for casinos.

Competitive performance and price
With SC 350 / 360 you get a competitive coin counter that offers excellent value for money. Several features normally considered accessories are standard on SC 350 / 360 – RS 232 interface for external control, interface for remote display and other accessories – as part of an unbeatable, attractively-priced package. Other features include pre-selectable bag stops, memory, automatic reverse function to remove jammed coins, and automatic stop and outsort function for small coins.
A large number of accessories and 7 pre-programmable quantity stops (plus 1 continuous) make the SC 350 / 360 highly effective filling machines, whether applied to coin tubes, big bags or small bags.

Easy access and handling
Compared with competing machines, SC 350 / 360 provides dramatically improved access to the coin rail, making it easy to open the hatch for checking or service. A non-volatile memory allows storage of data on counted coins, and electronic sensing technology assures high accuracy and low noise. SCAN COIN customers will also recognize, and benefit from, our standard interfaces and functions.

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